Restoration & Polishing


Prestige Polishers has a full metal polishing facility in house, offering various equipment and methods to suit a wide range of materials, including Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper and bronze.  Using this modern facility and incorporating the teams high level of skills and experience, enables the polishers to work closely with customers to achieve their desired finish, on objects of any shape.

An initial range of services are available to prepare the metal for polishing or restoration, these include; paint, rust and defect removal, and blending.

After the item has been carefully prepared it can be finished to show the highest mirror finish possible (levels vary depending on the type of material used) or maybe you would like it kept in its restored condition.

Prestige Polishers will accommodate a various range of work, scaling from one off projects, extending up to regular contractual work of high volumes.  There are no boundaries as to markets that require metal polishing, Prestige Polishers are prepared to apply our dedicated resources to any field.

Shot Blasting

Prestige also has a Carbide Blast Cabinet with extraction that is suitable for most types of Blast Media and can accommodate large components. Cabinet size 100cm deep, 125cm wide & 90cm high.

The blast cabinet can also be used to remove paint, making it a useful tool in various restoration markets. Rust removal can also be achieved to leave a uniform finish.


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